The Frontier DynaCoat (photo: Delta ModTech)

Delta ModTech at LOPEC 2020: Taking on the printed electronics sector’s toughest challenges

Exhibitions / Events

Delta ModTech (Minneapolis, Minnesota) offers converting and coating equipment solutions for manufacturing a variety of printed electronics parts. At its LOPEC stand in Munich (25-26 March), the company’s engineers will be on-site to discuss specific applications and challenges attendees are facing.


Carbon nanotube composites comprise of carbon nanotubes, which are made of carbon atoms and have a diameter in the nanometre order, and advanced semi-conductive polymers (photo: Toray)

Toray achieves world’s first UHF wireless communication with low-cost printed RFIDs

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Toray Industries, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has recently become the first in the world to communicate wirelessly across the UHF (ultrahigh frequency) band with a printed semiconductor. This setup employs a printed radio-frequency identifier (RFID) that the company created. The RFID employs a high-performance semi-conductive carbon nanotube composite. Toray’s achievement demonstrated the potential for manufacturing UHF RFIDs by low-cost printing processes to dramatically streamline retail and logistics operations. Examples include automating cash registers and efficient inventory management. The company will accelerate development to commercialise printed RFIDs.


A flexible, segmented OLED panel (photo: OLEDWorks)

OE-A at LOPEC 2020: From Mobility to Smart Living

Exhibitions / Events

For the tenth time OE-A organises the OE-A Competition for its members from all sectors of organic and printed electronics. Numerous international companies, research institutes and universities participate in the annual competition to present their new products, prototypes and concepts. Prizes will be awarded for the best submission in each of the three categories – "Prototypes & New Products"; "Freestyle Demonstrator"; and "Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator" at LOPEC 2020 in Munich, Germany the leading trade show and conference for printed electronics.


The ((rfid))-Windshield Label was specifically developed for use in automatic vehicle identification (photo: Schreiner Group)

Schreiner PrinTrust: Labels for automotive vehicle identification (AVI), parking and government uses


Automatic billing of costs, contactless entering and exiting, plus app-based value-added services: RFID technology will facilitate parking in the future. Government uses are reliably supported by RFID as well along with enhanced security. Schreiner PrinTrust (Oberschleißheim, Germany) is a leading provider in the fields of RFID and security labels for vehicle identification. At Intertraffic 2020 in Amsterdam from 21-24 April, the spotlight will be on solutions for government uses and smart parking. Schreiner PrinTrust is going to showcase its latest portfolio of solutions for automatic vehicle identification (AVI): Third License Plates with RFID for official vehicle identification and RFID Windshield Solutions for on- and off-street parking will be the focus topics at its trade show booth.


Frank Millar (left) and Nigel Perry (photo: CPI)

CPI announces new appointment at CEO position


CPI’s CEO Nigel Perry will step down at the end of March 2020.  Frank Millar, CPI’s COO has been appointed his successor and will take on the role of CEO from April 2020.