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Imec’s EOG technology could revolutionise AR/VR and detect neurodegenerative diseases (photo: imec)

Imec packs new fast eye tracking technology into ergonomic design for high-quality AR/VR experiences

Imec (Antwerp, Belgium), a leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technology, has unveiled a new wireless eye-tracking technology based on electro-oculography (EOG), an ophthalmology technique used to examine eyes and record eye movement. The technology, which is integrated into a standard pair of eyeglasses, can significantly improve augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences. Moreover, imec aims to employ it for clinical research on neurodegenerative diseases.


A skin display enabled by printed electronics (photo: FAPS-IPC)

Printed Electronics Symposium in Nuremberg to focus on mobility and life science

Printed electronics: thin – flexible – lightweight. These attributes allow successful use of the technology in the fields of mobility and life science. Under the technical direction of Wolfgang Mildner, managing director of MSWtech, the printed electronics symposium in Nuremberg (4 and 5 July) will present technological possibilities, advantages and development potentials for the printing of electronic functions on the basis of conventional and organic materials.


Impressions from the 2017 “IDTechEx Show!” in Berlin (photo: OPE journal)

Printed Electronics Europe as part of the “IDTechEx Show!” in Berlin: Where suppliers meet end users

An estimated 2500 people will attend Printed Electronics Europe, part of the world’s largest series of events on printed, flexible and hybrid electronics, which will be held on 11-12 April at the Estrel Convention Center, Berlin.


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