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Impressions from the 2017 “IDTechEx Show!” in Berlin (photo: OPE journal)

Printed Electronics Europe as part of the “IDTechEx Show!” in Berlin: Where suppliers meet end users

An estimated 2500 people will attend Printed Electronics Europe, part of the world’s largest series of events on printed, flexible and hybrid electronics, which will be held on 11-12 April at the Estrel Convention Center, Berlin.


The latest series of conductive inks from Creative Materials is washable and stretchable (photo: Creative Materials)

Creative Materials introduces washable conductive inks and coatings for wearable printed electronics

Creative Materials (Ayer, Massachusetts) recently introduced its new 127-48 series of conductive inks and coatings designed for manufacturing printed electronic circuits on washable textiles. These products have proven to be among the best performing products of their kind in the industry and are able to withstand a minimum of 50 machine wash and heated dryer cycles.


Wearables are a major target for SmartKem’s ‘Technology for Life’ campaign (photo: SmartKem)

SmartKem unveils ‘Technology For Life’ campaign

SmartKem from the UK, a leader in the design, synthesis and supply of high performance organic semiconductors for electronic displays, has launched its innovative ‘Technology For Life’ campaign.


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