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A CoinPower cell in use in cable-free telephone earbuds (photo: VARTA)

VARTA Microbattery at IDTechEx Show Berlin: Small stable and full of energy

From pace counters in shoes and fitness trackers with vital data measurement to cable-free earbuds while being on the phone, devices are only as good as their energy supply, which has to be reliable and long-lasting. Coin cells from VARTA Microbattery GmbH (Ellwangen, Germany) are frequently used in these wearables: the CoinPower cells.


ColorLoop – transparent, bendable OLED light (photo: EMDE)

Flexible electronics for cars, wearables, smart homes and more – OE-A presents the future at LOPEC 2019

Participants of the “OE-A Competition 2019” show the many possibilities of organic and printed electronics with creative new ideas, prototypes, and fresh designs. The competition taking place for the ninth year in a row is organised by OE-A for its members from all sectors of organic and printed electronics. Numerous international companies, research institutes and universities participate in this annual competition to present their products, prototypes and concepts. Prizes will be awarded for the best submission in each of the four categories – “Products & New Prototypes”, “Freestyle Demonstrator” and “Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator” – at LOPEC 2019 in Munich, Germany.


Although non-invasive sensing platforms are already prevalent in the marketplace to monitor and log health and lifestyle data, existing wearable models carry drawbacks, with their connection to the body via straps and similar fastenings failing to maintai

CPI supporting BodySense Project to develop smart devices

The UK-based Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is part of a collaboration aiming to improve the performance of smart devices used to capture real-time health and lifestyle data. Working with a number of partners on the BodySense project, CPI is supporting the development of next generation multi-functional sensing devices.


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