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Meyer Burger divests its wafering business to Precision Surfacing Solutions

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (Thun, Switzerland) recently announced that it will sell its photovoltaic and specialised materials (e.g. semiconductor and sapphire glass industries) wafering equipment and service business to Precision Surfacing Solutions (PSS) (formerly Lapmaster Wolters Ltd), a global supplier of equipment and services for surface enhancement technology. As part of the transaction, significant parts of Meyer Burger’s current production facilities in Thun as well as around 100 employees involved in the wafering technology portfolio in Thun and the relevant service locations worldwide will also be transferred to PSS.


Solliance has further advanced power conversion efficiency for flexible solar cells (photo: Solliance)

Solliance tops 21.5% efficiency with flexible perovskite-CIGS tandem

Scientists at Solliance (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), in collaboration with MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp., fabricated a flexible solar cell with a record breaking power conversion efficiency of 21.5%. The solar cell combines two thin-film solar cell technologies into a 4 terminal tandem solar cell stack: a top flexible semi-transparent perovskite solar cell with a bottom flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) cell.


A flexible solar panel from Midsummer (photo: Midsummer AB)

Solar energy company Midsummer receives major order

The solar technology company Midsummer (Stockholm Sweden), recently received  an order from US solar panel manufacturer Sunflare worth over US$7M for production equipment of thin film solar cells. The production equipment will be delivered to a new factory in China.


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