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infinityPV's HeLi-on OPV solar charger

infinityPV makes polymer solar cells available

The Danish start-up company infinityPV regards flexible organic solar cell technology as a serious alternative to established solar cells. This technology enables a future where organic solar panels are integrated anywhere thanks to their unique low weight and flexibility.


Solliance now jointly develops together with ADPV (photo: Solliance)

ADPV signs joint development contract with Solliance

ADPV Limited, a Hong Kong-based provider of CIGS photovoltaic solutions, has signed a joint development contract with Solliance, a partnership of R&D organisations from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany working in thin film photovoltaic solar energy. The contract concerns the development of two-step electroplated CIGS modules.


This atomic force microscopy image of the grainy surface of a perovskite solar cell reveals a new path to much greater efficiency. Individual grains are black, low-performing facets are red, high-performing facets are green (photo: Berkeley Lab)

Discovery by Berkeley Lab could dramatically boost efficiency of perovskite solar cells

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have discovered a possible secret to dramatically boosting the efficiency of perovskite solar cells hidden in the nanoscale peaks and valleys of the crystalline material. Solar cells made from compounds that have the crystal structure of the mineral perovskite have captured scientists’ imaginations.


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