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Faller’s medication packaging “Medical Prescription” (photo: August Faller GmbH & Co. KG)

Faller’s smart packaging solution Medical Prescription enables revolutionary healthcare applications

Intelligent, interactive pharmaceutical packaging with integrated electronics can improve compliance and help patients handle their medication intake more easily. With the Smart Packaging prototype “Medical Prescription”, AUGUST FALLER GmbH & Co. KG (Waldkirch, Germany) has developed a digitised folding carton which supports patient compliance with regard to medication intake. The innovative packaging solution, which includes a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons), counts down the tablets, reminds the patient of the correct time to take them and alerts the patient when it is time to order a new prescription. The special trick: With the help of an app developed in-house and via Bluetooth, doctors or pharmacists can transfer the individual dosage instructions onto the folding carton.


A skin display enabled by printed electronics (photo: FAPS-IPC)

Printed Electronics Symposium in Nuremberg to focus on mobility and life science

Printed electronics: thin – flexible – lightweight. These attributes allow successful use of the technology in the fields of mobility and life science. Under the technical direction of Wolfgang Mildner, managing director of MSWtech, the printed electronics symposium in Nuremberg (4 and 5 July) will present technological possibilities, advantages and development potentials for the printing of electronic functions on the basis of conventional and organic materials.


PrintoCent 10 is a major project for printed electronics in healthcare and well-being (photo: PrintoCent)

PrintoCent 10 commercialisation project focusses on health and well-being rapid tests

The PrintoCent 10 commercialisation project on health and well-being rapid tests has started with a notable company cluster. The PrintoCent10 project has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is led by VTT together with the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu. The project was set up to activate companies within the field of printed intelligence and to manufacture rapid tests as well as to pilot them with real use cases.


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