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miDiagnostics’ research prototype device that can perform a complete blood cell count from only drops of blood (photo: imec)

Imec awarded grant from NASA to advance space health diagnostics

Imec (Leuven, Belgium), a leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technologies, received NASA funding to test a technology for monitoring astronauts’ health status under zero gravity conditions using a first-of-its-kind disposable diagnostic device developed by imec’s spin-off, miDiagnostics. Imec will design test parameters and perform experiments in different gravity scenarios using one of miDiagnostics’ devices that is built around a silicon-based nanofluidic processor that performs a series of blood sample manipulations yielding a cell blood count with fast turnaround time.


Pulsify Medical could enable a breakthrough in ultrasound-based medical imaging and cardiac monitoring (photo: Pixabay)

Pulsify Medical closes first round of funding, led by imec.xpand

Pulsify Medical, a digital medical technology company focused on the development of wearable ultrasound patches, announced the first closing of its seed funding round, raising €2.6M. Imec.xpand and KU Leuven led the investment together and were joined by University Hospitals Leuven.


Energy supply of an insulin pump with CoinPower (photo: VARTA Microbattery)

VARTA Microbattery: CoinPower brings energy into digitised medicine and fitness

The way we deal with our own health is changing dramatically. What was previously discussed in a personal conversation with a doctor is increasingly shifting to "indirect" contact, for example via telemedicine. At the same time, more and more people rely on wearables for independent monitoring of medical parameters. The prerequisite for reliable data acquisition and transmission is a compact power supply in the smallest possible space. VARTA Microbattery's lithium-ion batteries with their high energy density and capacity have proven to be a reliable source of energy. The company, based in Ellwangen, Germany, will present its portfolio of lithium-ion batteries for medical applications and wearables on 11 September at the 35th Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 Asia in Bangkok, which takes place in conjunction with the Medical Fair Thailand, at booth WT113.


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