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Dazzle by E Ink (photo: SEMI)

2018 FLEXI Awards honour innovation and leadership in flexible hybrid electronics

On 13 February, the 2018 FLEXI Awards recognised groundbreaking accomplishments in the Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) sector in the last year. Presented at the opening session of the 17th annual 2018FLEX Conference and Exhibition, in Monterey, California, the awards spotlighted the following leaders in the categories of R&D Achievements, Product Innovation and Commercialisation, Education Leadership and Industry Leadership.


NextFlex has proven the robustness of its FHE manufacturing process (photo: NextFlex)

NextFlex proves manufacturability of flexible hybrid electronics process

NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Manufacturing Institute (San Jose, California), announced it has successfully proven the robustness of the FHE manufacturing process, producing multiple functional samples of a flexible Arduino system. As part of the Flexible Arduino Microcontroller Project, NextFlex redesigned a device typically built on a rigid printed circuit board (PCB)—by printing and attaching thin bare die on a flexible substrate while maintaining the performance associated with traditional packaged ICs. This achievement is ultimately intended to help realise FHE’s enormous potential for creating ubiquitous IoT and sensor products for consumer, commercial, and military applications.


PragmatIC will be present at the LOPEC Conference 2018 (photo: PragmatIC)

PragmatIC at LOPEC: Electronics reinvented for trillions of things

In the last few years several brands have experimented with NFC enabled smart packaging, but these trials have primarily been in low volume marketing campaigns. A significant reduction in cost is required to progress to high volume, mass market roll out.


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