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Holst Centre shows next step towards cheaper flexible electronics

Researchers from Holst Centre (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) have become the first to use spatial atomic layer deposition (sALD) to create both the semiconductor and dielectric layer in a thin-film transistor (TFT) backplane. Using a low-temperature, large-area process for the backplane, the team created a 200 ppi QVGA display demonstrator. The process allows TFTs to be produced on cheaper, transparent plastic foils, significantly reducing the cost of flexible electronics applications such as displays and image sensors. To showcase the technology, Holst Centre has produced a display demonstrator using a backplane of top-gated self-aligned TFTs on a PEN foil.


Michael Robinson (photo: Ynvisible)

Ynvisible strengthens board of directors

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) has appointed Michael Robinson and Leif Ljungqvist as new independent members of its board of directors. “Michael and Leif infuse our Board with commercial experience that is vital to transforming our innovations in market. They are highly accomplished and internationally connected within the premium consumer brands space and fields of technology linked to printed electronics,” said Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, CEO of Ynvisible. “Working with start-ups and large corporations, they build innovations in measured and sustainable ways. Their actionable insights greatly strengthen our company.”


FlexEnable’s FlexiOM OTFT materials are available immediately to customers worldwide for any organic electronics applications (photo: FlexEnable)

FlexEnable acquires Merck’s OTFT materials portfolio for flexible displays

FlexEnable (Cambridge, UK), a leader in the development and industrialisation of flexible organic electronics, has acquired Merck’s (Darmstadt, Germany) portfolio of best-in-class, high-performance organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) materials, including revolutionary and highly-patented organic semiconductors and dielectrics. The deal makes FlexEnable the first company to offer display manufacturers both the only OTFT materials which are proven to have higher performance than amorphous silicon, and an entire package of industrially-proven manufacturing processes needed for production of flexible organic liquid crystal displays (OLCD) of any size.


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