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Leak testing in automotive production (photo: Schreiner Group)

New RFID label with moisture sensor from Schreiner ProTech

In automotive manufacturing, vehicles are leak-tested during the assembly process. These water ingress detection tests are usually performed by hand and involve a major effort. Schreiner ProTech has developed an alternative—the ((rfid))-DistaFerr WetDetect—that is easy to use and therefore reduces time and costs.


Interpretation of a mammogram by the radiologist (photo: Service communication – HNFC)

CSEM: Smart Bra for detecting breast cancer

A French-Swiss consortium is conducting exploratory research to develop a “smart bra” for detecting breast cancer. It wants to leverage technological progress to offer a more accessible diagnostic method than mammography. This initiative – that involves five partners – is supported in France by the FEDER (European fund for regional development) and in Switzerland by the Confederation and the canton of Neuchâtel within the framework of the European programme for regional cooperation Interreg France-Switzerland.


AIXTRON looks back at a successful “HEA2D” project (photo: AIXTRON)

AIXTRON: Process development project with 2D nanomaterials successfully completed

AIXTRON SE (Herzogenrath, Germany), a leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, has successfully investigated the production, properties and applications of 2D nanomaterials in the "HEA2D" project together with five partners.


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