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Display solutions from Ynvisible (photo: Ynvisible)

Ynvisible delivers electrochromic displays to a globally leading diagnostics company

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) has successfully delivered a first commercial production run of prototypes to a globally leading healthcare and diagnostics company. The client case involves the use of Ynvisible’s printed one time activated electrochromic displays. The display is intended as a replacement to the electronic display currently in use in the client’s globally recognised consumer product.


IMSE technology from TactoTek (photo: TactoTek)

LS Automotive Technologies licenses Tactotek’s IMSE technology

TactoTek (Oulu, Finland) and LS Automotive Technologies (LSAT) have signed a licensing agreement for the design and manufacturing rights of TactoTek’s injection moulded structural electronics (IMSE) technology. The agreement includes rights to use TactoTek’s intellectual property and a technology transfer that enables LSAT to design and manufacture IMSE parts in Korea and globally.


A researcher at CPI (photo: CPI)

CPI celebrates 15 years of innovation

CPI, an independent technology innovation centre based in the UK, is celebrating 15 years of innovation across a range of different markets including pharmaceuticals, agritech, FMCG, automotive, energy and aerospace.


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