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Oxford PV’s perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells at the company’s industrial pilot line in Germany (photo: Oxford PV)

Oxford PV sets world record for perovskite solar cell

Oxford PV, a leader in the field of perovskite solar cells based in the UK, recently announced a new, certified, world record for its perovskite based solar cell.


The BIPV façade at ENGIE Fabricom, Antwerp (photo: Heliatek)

Consortium aims at finding the key to a sustainable building façade

During the last two years, as part of the EU-funded PVme project, an international consortium of 10 companies and research centres worked together to find solutions for a sustainable building façade. PVme stands for "organic PhotoVoltaic systems integrated in Manufactured building Elements". Almost at the end of the project, the inauguration of the organic-based BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) façade took place recently at the Engie Fabricom building in Zwijndrecht, close to Antwerp, Belgium.


Solar Graffiti with HeliaSol from Heliatek (photo: Leonardo Medina Ruiz; ENGIE)

Heliatek cooperates with Engie – solar graffiti in Mexico

Engie, a French energy group, recently launched the international advertising campaign ‘Engie Harmony’. The campaign's first project is called ‘Solar Graffiti’ and features an installation on a sports field near Mexico City that combines the graffiti art of the local Street Artists N3O with Heliatek's (Dresden, Germany) solar films to power innovative and sustainable lighting. The project ‘Solar Graffiti’ and the resulting commercial are among the seven flagship projects of the Engie Harmony campaign and are intended to symbolise how technical progress can be realised in harmony with man and nature.


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