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OLEDs can be a major element of smart textiles (photo: Fraunhofer FEP)

Fraunhofer FEP: OLED integration in textiles

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are mainly known from televisions and smartphone displays. They can be used as lighting objects in car tail lights or lights. The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP (Dresden, Germany) as a partner for customer-specific OLED development and production is now presenting OLED elements that can be integrated into textiles at the Electronics System Integration Technology Conference ESTC 2018 from 18 – 21 September 2018 in Dresden.


Comparison of display manufacturing processes with OLED materials (photo: Sumitomo Chemical)

Sumitomo Chemical acquires shares of JOLED

The Sumitomo Chemical Company has invested ¥5bn in JOLED Inc., a Japan-based developer and manufacturer of printed OLED displays, by way of acquiring some of JOLED’s new shares issued through third-party allocation.


A flexible OLED display (photo: JOLED)

JOLED, Panasonic and SCREEN Finetech Solutions cooperate in printed OLED displays for TV use

JOLED Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), which develops and manufactures OLED displays, Panasonic Production Engineering Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan), a developer and designer of production equipment, and SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan), a supplier of various types of equipment used in display manufacturing processes, have concluded a business cooperation agreement. The contract relates to the development, manufacture, sales and service of printing equipment for the manufacture of large-sized printed OLED displays, intended mainly for use in TVs.


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