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LYTEUS is expected to bridge the gap between research and mass production (photo: Fraunhofer FEP)

Introducing an OLED pilot line – from PI-SCALE to LYTEUS

Flexible OLED light – a dream comes true for many product designers. The PI-SCALE project funded by the European Commission has been successfully completed.


LG Display’s 8.5th generation OLED panel plant in Guangzhou (photo: LG Display)

LG Display opens 8.5th generation OLED panel production plant in Guangzhou, China

LG Display has opened its 8.5th generation (2200mm x 2500mm) OLED panel production plant in Guangzhou, China, ushering in an era of producing 10 million large-size OLED panels a year.


UDC and LG Chem expect many synergies thanks to their strategic partnership (photo: Universal Display Corporation / LG Chem)

Universal Display Corporation and LG Chem announce strategic OLED host partnership

Universal Display Corporation, an enabler of energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED technology and materials, and LG Chem, Ltd., Korea’s largest diversified chemical company, have announced a strategic OLED host partnership. Expanding on its decade-long partnership, Universal Display (UDC) and LG Chem will work together to develop and commercialise red, green and yellow OLED host materials.


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