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Electroninks Circuit Scribe brand will begin offering 7-segment modular electrochromic displays as a component of their pen-on-paper prototyping kits (photo: Ynvisible)

Ynvisible Interactive and Electroninks bring electrochromics to educational consumer electronics

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada), a leader in in electrochromic interfaces and printed electronics, announces a partnership with Electroninks and their consumer product line, Circuit Scribe, a market leader in educational consumer electronics and electronic inks. The collaboration creates a unique opportunity to integrate electrochromics into the Electronink’s Circuit Scribe Kits aimed at consumer markets.


Geographical mapping of the low carbon footprint HeliaSol aperture efficiency 10%, lifetime 20 years, degradation 1% [Conversion using Global Solar Atlas] (source: Heliatek)

Heliatek: truly green and organic solar films

Climate change is happening right now with proven negative impact on our environment, economies and societies. The key to slow down the global warming process is the significant reduction of greenhouse gases at all stages of industrial processes. Therefore, a massive turnaround of energy production towards low carbon technologies is essential. Heliatek (Dresden, Germany) brings an innovative organic solar film solution (HeliaSol) as a powerful means for the decarbonisation of the energy sector. HeliaSol is an ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible all-in-one solution that can add value to virtually any building surface — from glass, metal and concrete to polymer membranes — turning it into clean electricity generators, no matter if they are flat, curved or even semi-permanent.


From left to right: Ubiquitous Energy co-founders Vladmir Bulovic, Miles Barr, Richard Lunt, Ubiquitous Energy CEO Keith Wilson, Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain (Photo: Business Wire)

Ubiquitous Energy celebrates grand opening of transparent solar window prototype production line

Ubiquitous Energy (Redwood City, California), a leader in transparent solar technology, opened its ClearView Power window prototype production line in a grand opening event held at the company’s office and facility. The event was attended by the Redwood City council, representatives of state and federal political leaders, company partners, building developers and designers, among others.


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LOPEC 2020

Location: Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany
Organisers: Messe München, OE-A