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Heliatek welcomes EU-Commissioner Oettinger and Dr Rößler, the president of the Saxon parliament

The President of the Saxon parliament, Dr Matthias Rößler, received the EU Commissioner for budget and personnel, Günther H. Oettinger in Dresden. Together they visited Heliatek and got a view of the production facility. Dr Martin Pfeiffer, one of the Founders, and Dr Ralph Wichtendahl, vice Ppresident operations, shared the latest information on technical and sales developments of the company.


Back-side view of the solar cells (here on a larger wafers) with positive and negative contact. Front-side view without any shadowing contact (Photo: CSEM)

EPFL and CSEM researchers unveil simplified fabrication process for high-efficiency solar cells

A team of EPFL and CSEM researchers in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, presents in Nature Energy a new astonishing method of creating crystalline solar cells with electrical contacts at the rear, suppressing all shadowing at the front. Thanks to the new inexpensive approach, the fabrication process is strongly simplified with efficiencies in the laboratory already surpassing 23%.


Thin film solar cells are the power source for the Solar Boat Twente team (Photo: Solliance)

Solliance partners with Solar Boat Twente

The Solar Boat Twente team is realising the first boat that fully operates on energy generated by thin film solar cells. The Dutch solar research institute Solliance, which is based in Eindhoven, is proud to be one of the leading partners involved in the Solar Boat Contest 2017.


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