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The FlexE Centre for R&D in flexible and printed electronics (photo: National Centre for Flexible Electronics, Kanpur)

RK Print announces collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

UK-based RK PrintCoat Instruments is now collaborating with the National Centre of Flexible Electronics (FlexE Centre) at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur (IITK) to design, manufacture and supply a bespoke roll-to-roll pilot line for their latest R&D and prototyping projects in the field of printed and flexible electronics.


A foldable display demonstrator from Heraeus and ITRI Taiwan

Heraeus announces milestone for foldable touchscreens

The German company Heraeus recently set a milestone for foldable touchscreens and flexible displays.


infinityPV's HeLi-on OPV solar charger

infinityPV makes polymer solar cells available

The Danish start-up company infinityPV regards flexible organic solar cell technology as a serious alternative to established solar cells. This technology enables a future where organic solar panels are integrated anywhere thanks to their unique low weight and flexibility.


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