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A CNB 2-layer sensor moulded on glass (photo: Canatu)

CES 2018: Canatu partners with several technology leaders for 3D touch solutions

Canatu (Helsinki, Finland) has set into partnership with a number of market and innovation leaders in creating cutting edge 3D shaped, transparent touch surfaces and intuitive solutions for the automotive industry. CES is a focal point for automotive solutions as the cars are becoming connected extensions of living rooms and the user experience is changing. The requirements in safety and energy efficiency, for example, are playing an ever growing role for electric cars and automated driving. At CES, Canatu demonstrates several 3D automotive solutions, created in collaboration with Tier 1’s and established technology companies in the field.


CES showcases innovations and ideas for the future of consumer electronics (photo: Consumer Technology Association)

CES 2018 kicks off in Las Vegas

From tech powerhouses to innovative startups, companies big and small from all industries come to CES to introduce the latest innovation to the global market. Exhibitors feature products from all facets of tech, from audio, vehicle technology and wireless to drones, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, sensor tech and more. Manufacturers, developers and suppliers gather at CES to not only showcase game-changing technology to the world, but to also build strong business relationships with new and existing industries.


OLED rear lights for an elegant design (photo: Merck)

CES 2018: OE-A unites end users and suppliers

Numerous industry sectors, from automotive, consumer electronics and household appliances to packaging and healthcare, have products based on organic and printed electronics. Consumer electronics is currently the largest industry in which this technology is being applied. This technology can be found in e-readers, smartphones and tablets, and it is used to turn clothing and accessories into intelligent wearables, as well as making the operation of automobiles and many devices easier through the use of touch sensors.


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